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ARMtour (Athletes and Role Models)

Since 1997 ARMTour has operated across countless Aboriginal Communities in the remote Northern Territory with over 8000 school-aged students. In this time it has built a reputation as one of the more successful programs to improve school attendance and engagement and is highly anticipated when it occurs four times per year.

It provides accredited ‘role models’ with the opportunity to directly engage with young people who statistically are more likely to disengage with or not perform well at school. ARMTour ‘role models’ use sport and other meaningful activities to diversify the school experience for the students and assist the teaching staff who are often under resourced.

Another major benefit of ARMTour is the opportunity for the ‘role models’ who are able to actively contribute positively to a remote Aboriginal Community.

Outcomes Include:

  • Greater self-esteem and confidence,
  • Enhanced life-skills through sport such as communication, leadership and goal-setting,
  • Participation in sport and recreation activities to contribute to ongoing healthy lifestyles,
  • Stronger partnerships between the school and the Community as a whole,
  • Kids stay-in-school and perform better due to newfound confidence,
  • Interaction between non-Indigenous ‘role models’ and the Aboriginal Community encourages real reconciliation.
The community uses ARMtour as a way of sharing and learning about culture” - “when ARMtour comes to the community we feel strong and proud” (Community member B).

Applications are now open to be one of our Role Models for ARMtour  2016! – CLICK HERE for more information and to apply.