The past week saw 29 enthusiastic young women from Western Australia travel to Sydney with the Wirrpanda Foundation as part of NASCA’s Career Fit program.  They did a range of activities that gave them new skills, exposed them to new challenges and inspired them to think about their pathways after school.  One such participant, Tinesha Sampi was so inspired by the young men from Totem Skate school that she wrote about her ambitions and her renewed confidence.

Thanks to Nigel and David I’m filled with hope and determination to follow my dreams

Inspirational Skating,

By NASCA Career Fit Student, Tinesha Sampi

On Monday night we attended a skateboarding lesson called ‘Totem Skateboarding’. At first I thought ‘this is going to be boring, I don’t even like skateboarding’. As we sat down and talked to the two brothers Nigel and David about their journey I started to feel inspired and interested in how they came up with this extraordinary idea of starting a skateboarding class/school.

When you think of skateboarding you think it’s just about a bunch of bad kids that hang out at the skate park instead of going to school and being low-lives; but these two brothers are making a difference in communities and all different places, they’re changing the way we see skateboarding and turning it into a positive outlook. That is what inspired me and made me realise that if you’re truly passionate about something you can make something of it. It moved me emotionally because I feel the same way they felt when they were my age. People said that their dream was ridiculous and impossible but they ignored the negative comments and continued to follow their hearts.


I feel deeply connected to their story because I have a dream that seems unreal and impossible and I feel I have to have a career that is ordinary and a career that everyone expects me to have but I’m not a boring, ordinary person. I like to be different and I want my career to be different. My dream is to build a dance comp or a basketball comp to help kids develop skills and build their confidence in these areas and to express themselves freely.


At one point I felt like giving up on my dreams. Thanks to Nigel and David I’m filled with hope and determination to follow my dreams because as Nigel said: “If you find something you have a passion for, and people see, they’ll help you.”


These words made me realise that if I work hard and believe in myself, that my dreams will come true.